Saturday, February 24, 2007

Email? Emails Are For Geeks!

Wait what!? Where’d that come from? I think a part of me just died, for geeks? Emails? Come on…

So what do you use then? ‘My Space!’ exclaimed the thirteen year old girl. Yikes, MySpace? Well I guess it’s a nice networking site and all but come on, if she wants to sign up for Neopets she really should have an email.

Well she did, with hotmail, never been used save for the MySpace account. Well we’ll just use that instead, and so we did, she created her cute little puppy dog neopet and I left her at that.

I was left wondering, her ‘emails are for geeks’ thing kind of shocked me. Are they really? Is MySpace the new ‘it’ thing? Now not only is email not used for communications it is considered as something for geeks.

Maybe she’s one of those brats, spoiled rich kid. My friend, her brother, jokes about how spoiled she is and all. Damn kids, damn them to hell for making me feel like a geek.

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