Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wii Sports - Coming to a Cinema Near You

Nintendo has found a new way to amaze fans and then suddenly kick them in the gnads so hard the contents of the aforementioned comes spewing out of their noses and ears.

In its latest bid to bring the Wii to the masses Nintendo will start advertising the Wii in UK cinemas. Now this isn't the regular advertising where you're stuck there being forced to watch all these ads as you eat your popcorn impatiently (and always run out by the time the movie starts!).

The concept is simple, it starts with a Wii advertisement on the big screen and then suddenly the lights in the cinema turn on and two 'random' individuals - a boy and his mother are brought onto the stage to try Wii-Sports for the first time ever. Best of all the game is played on the big screen!

As you would expect the 'random' individuals are actually actors, so no, theres no chance you'll get to play on the big cinema screen even if you bring your mother along.


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Anonymous said...

I wanna see it playable in a theater near me.