Friday, August 3, 2007

Analyst Assumptions Wrong

Perhaps even equal and opposite, Analyst Michael Pachter believes Rockstar has delayed the release of Grand Theft Auto IV because it is struggling with development on the PlayStation 3 however Rockstar has never said anything to that effect. In fact what Rockstar has said once in the past is the Xbox 360 is giving them development problems.

Further more Michael speculates there is some contract that obliges Take-Two to release GTAIV on both the 360 and Playstation 3 simultaneously, however odds are the contract asks GTA4 release on the 360 at the sametime with the Playstation 3 because up until Petere Moore announced the simultaneous launch it was accepted that it would be a timed Playstation 3 exclusive. The contract probably read 'will release on the day it is released on any other platform'.

Furthermore Michael emphasizes that it's just speculation he says 'we think' twice before stating his major opinions:
"We think it is likely that the Rockstar team had difficulty
in building an exceptionally complicated game for the PS3, and failed to
recognise how far away from completion the game truly was until recently"
"We think it is also likely that Take-Two had a contractual
commitment to Sony that it would not favour competitor Microsoft by launching
the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV prior to launching the PS3 version, and believe
that any delay of the PS3 version necessitated a delay of the Xbox 360
He has no sources and he's an analyst, his opinion may not have any more credibility of that of the average fanboy with a college education. Maybe he's right, maybe he isn't, but either way he's speculating as much as anyone.

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