Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Australian 360 Core Has Always Been the Price of a Wii

Damned Americans reporting on the 'news' without even fully understanding. No wonder their foreign policy sucks so much. The Xbox 360 core has always been for $399, the same price for a Wii in fact. Miyamoto lied to us Aussies when he said it would be cheaper than the Core 360, he tricked us! We pay about $327USD per Wii and 360. It has always been this way.

Why is it that engagdet reports this as news when it's wrong? Gah, damn you Americans, even your respected media outlets can't report the basics of foreign pricing yet you trust them with stuff about terrorists and war. Whatever happened to fact checking? Check your facts, you could have at least popped in one of our local Dick Smith Electronic stores.

Show some respect for our culture and sympathy for our over priced Wii's. Sheesh.

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