Saturday, August 4, 2007

Quake Arena Coming to DS

It's official as official can be as it has come from the mouth of John Carmack speaking at QuakeCon. Quake Arena DS is 'in the works' and may very well become a reality... with a few minor quirks.

First of all he doesn't want it to be like Metroid Prime Hunters, namely no touchscreen and more restrictive like the original Doom. This is a bit of a shame as after maybe an hour with Metroid Prime Hunters the controls felt second nature and despite the learning curve Quake shouldn't be dumbed down for an audience that wants responsive and deep controls.

As of now details are scarce, no word online or not, just that Carmack wants it to be a simple game 'conceptually' so maybe it would be better off labeling this as 'Doom with Quake 2.5 graphics'.


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