Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Running @ 1600x1200, 8x AA, 16x AS

Lets not wait for the Wii's successor which will 'only' be able to upscale to 1080p (at best). Gekko, an up and coming GameCube emulator, is already going in game with some classic GC games and outputting crisp graphics while it's at it.

More can be found at Gekko's insider forums (Twilight Princess included).

Earlier Gekko media released (months ago, from when Gekko did not support high resolution graphics):

(The framerate is slightly lower than what you would encounter in real life given there is a recording overhead)


AC said...

I think you have the same video embedded twice.


Ahmed said...

gah, thanks for bringing that up, fixed :-)

Anonymous said...

8x AA, 16x AS requires the game to be run full screen!

Anonymous said...

I imagine compressing the file system doesn't help at all, either.