Friday, June 8, 2007

Bad Habits in Halo 3 - The Top Ten List

Frankie, the dude who wouldn't shuttup about the water, has spoken of his dislike of various acts and activities people have been partaking in while playing the Halo 3 multiplayer beta, he particularly dislikes the fact people 'tea bag' other peoples kills. What sort of pathetic lowness does it take that one should start 'tea bagging' kills one didn't commit?

10. Scavenging other people’s kills – if you didn’t kill him, you have no business crouching on him.

9. Vetoing casually – Think twice before vetoing a game you only half dislike. Murphy’s Law states that the next choice will be worse.

8. Taking off in the Hog alone – You may as well drive around in a huge magnetic target.

7. Talking trash to teammates – Yelling at strangers is bad enough, but do you think yelling at your compatriots will make them play better? Drink some chocolate milk and shut your cretinous noisehole.

6. Blasting your music at us – Yes, you’re hardcore. You love mad rhymes and phat beats. We don’t care. Turn it off. We already muted you, you spaz.

5. Insulting the room before the teams are chosen – Now I don’t want to cooperate with you.

4. Shooting me specifically, with the Needler – Stop it. I hate you.

3. Racism, abuse, foul language – We muted you already. So now you’re just a sad idiot yelling into a vacuum. Actually, go right ahead. Maybe a relative will smack you or get you the help you need.

2. Insulting Gamertags – Obviously Live can’t automatically detect every idiotic Gamertag you come up with, especially with your L337 combos, so how about this: Just quit being a moron.

1. Going to the bathroom while playing – this gem was found on a Halo 3 post in another forum. Names have been hidden to protect the guilty:

I never quit, but sometimes I have to poop, so I take the controller into the toilet with me. I move the sticks and press buttons, but I can't be held responsible for my actions during these brownouts.

Luke's been playing this game a lot, but he swears it's for a purpose.

VIA Bungie Frankie

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