Monday, June 4, 2007

Microsoft and 'Live 3.0'

Sony is promising to deliver better than Xbox Live for free, though if it can just get as good as Xbox Live free it would be more than enough. Sony on top of free online is pushing the concept of 'Game 3.0', so far the reaction to it has been extremely possitive giving an 'empire strikes back' vibe to the console wars.

Microsoft is still back at its Xbox 1 days, charging for what is essentially the same service, making free the ability to purchase things or download what is usually free. It's time for Microsoft to get back into focusing on community interaction. Just how?

At the 2006 E3 Petere Moore made that damning quote "Some people do rubber ducks, some people do tattoos", could we extend this and expect this E3 Petere Moore to get up on stage and proclaim "Some people do rag dolls, some people do Spartans"? No, I'm not looking for a platformer in which you play a customizable Master Chief and go around creating levels to jump around in, I'm talking about a full featured map editor.

Give developers the ability to integrate map editors and other such goodies into their games as part of the XNA, make it so someone can create a map for Halo 3 on his/her PC and release it via Xbox Live as a free download.

The whole 'Game 3.0' concept Sony has come up with is entirely coincedential, Playstation Home was originally as part of the lobby for a Playstation 2 game and perhaps the only reason LittleBigPlanet is an exclusive for the Playstation 3 is because Sony has bought the Ageia PhysX license for all developers on the Playstation 3. If Sony's Game 3.0 concept goes unmatched then the PSN will definitely surpass Xbox Live in every way.

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