Monday, June 11, 2007

The Most Under Appreciated Game of This Generation

It is a bald statement, to claim something for an entire generation of consoles and hardware before the generation is even over. Though I feel safe in my claim for never in the history of gaming has such a quality title completely slipped under the radar.

Why Kameo? Not that difficult to understand once you look into the circumstances under which it was released. The main complaint behind the Xbox 360 launch line up was that there were no 'real' next-gen games. I guess since Kameo is supposedly targetted at a younger audience next generetion graphics, unique gameplay, epic story and an incredibly immersive world just isn't enough.

Whats interesting is that RARE obviously loved Kameo, the graphics engine was built for it, the same one looked just plain bad on Perfect Dark Zero but for Kameo? Simply breath taking, the water effects were truly masterful. Bungies Frankie keeps boasting about the water in Halo 3 though everything he is so proud of has already been done in Kameo.

Each elementel warrior in Kameo is lovingly detailed and definitely unique, so are the different worlds and the many variations of enemies you take on. There are real time day/night cycles that take place as you play and fantastic lighting to boot. Kameos world oozes detail, the ooze probably made from the love and sweat RARE has poured into it.

Yet, after all that, everyone was interested in seeing if Perfect Dark Zero would be the new Halo of Microsoft. A thousand curses upon the damned Xbox, it has been type cast to FPS titles!

Whats funny is that most will say the most under appreciated game for the Xbox 360 thusfar is Viva Pinata, yet given the number of people who say it is under appreciated it surely couldn't be THAT unloved. Kameo was the best game in the Xbox 360 launch line up but it was over looked, the Xbox 360 isn't targetted at a general audience, it's sad but true, both RAREs major games for the Xbox 360 haven't sold well, and all for the wrong reasons.

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