Friday, June 29, 2007

Pokemon Graphite - Umm, Didn't I Play This Game 32 Years Ago?

Here, I have an exclusive screenshots from Pokemon Graphite, the Pokemon game slated to be released in late 2030, post apocalypse. Imagine all the cool futuristic things we'll have by then, from flying cars to instant cancer removal pills, and of course Plutonium will be sold at every corner drug store. But somethings don't ever change, Pokemon is one of those things.

Why do Nintendo owners put up with Pokemon? Sure, Nintendo doesn't change much with their games, often times they just recycle winning formulas. Though sales inevitably slow, technology becomes more advanced and then the formula is remixed to improve sales and utilize modern technology. From Mario to Legend of Zelda to Tetris, Nintendo moves with the times, even if slowly.

This isn't the case with Pokemon, every single damned Pokemon game is the same, literally the same, besides the difference in GUI and some prettier illustrations there are no differences, no improvements, nothing.

Nintendo fanboys must be idiots, or kids just born into the world after the previous iteration of Pokemon, because one way or the other people aren't taking the fact it's the same game from nine years ago into account.

The DS is not an incapable machine, look at Final Fantasy 3, it looks amazing and is in full 3D, heck, if a Pokemon game MUST stay 2D because it's a cartoon (flawed reasoning, but lets go for it anyway), then Children of Mana is the perfect example of how 2D should be done on the DS.

Sadly with the sales of Pokemon on the DS being as high as ever it looks like the DS 2 version of Pokemon is going to be the same as before. Whats really aggravating is that Nintendo protects Pokemon more so than any of its other franchises, you probably won't get a cease and desist for remaking Legend of Zelda or Mario but you can certainly expect your mothers head in the mail if you try to touch Pokemon.
#Edit: I did buy Pokemon Pearl, I recognize full well that I'm an idiot Nintendo fanboy.

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