Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Sony Protection Group is a Living Joke

Perhaps the name and intent of the group speaks for itself but just reading a typical news entry from them makes them sound like an evangelical Christian cult of sorts "We should ALL be thankful that God of War is a SONY franchise and appeared on PS2 with PSP and PS3 versions on the way".

Their mission statement speaks for itself:

The Sony Protection Group (SPG) is a site, group, and movement created to preserve the image of Sony and focus on positive news.

SPG was founded due to the negativity and hatred being displayed towards Sony. Instead of spreading lies, FUD, and rumors like most gaming websites, we at SPG are trying to build a place for Sony fans and PlayStation fans to get the real facts.

The SPG focuses on what is good and positive about our favorite gaming console, the PlayStation. As users of the PlayStation brand, we are well placed to explore the best and worst of the systems we have chosen. While some of us feel that Sony makes the superior console and handheld system, we encourage our writers and our members to focus on the positive aspects of PlayStation gaming without the need to ridicule other people's console choice.

To our readers and visitors we wish you happy gaming!

What makes no sense to anyone with half a brain is why someone would form a 'protection group' for an evil heartless corporation hell beant on making money. Whats worse is that this is Sony, the same company that has dominated gaming for the last two whole generations.

Nintendo, the company everyone loves, has been having a hard time for the exact same time period and no one has bothered making a 'protection group' for them, like it's anybodies business protecting a heartless corporation, perhaps even Nintendo fanboys acknoweldge that (or are too disenchanted and disorganized to know how to make a website).

Now, though, after a couple of PR slip ups it seems that Sony is not only an under dog but the battered and bruised neighbourhood stray dog, kicked out of its loving home now it pants and begs for food as it goes door to door hence it deserves love and kindness and 'protection' from the big bad biased liberal.. erm, I mean anti-Sony fanboys.

Of course when you have people on such a noble crusade, convinced of being right and everybody being out to get them, they end up cheating to try to get attention. Like toddlers trying to get to eat the cookies before Dinner, jumping up and down and yelling.

Mission to make the front page of

I had the idea that we should start a mission to get to the front page of We will first create an article thread on our website, then i'll post it on and all of our members will digg it up, so it can make the front page. Digg is an extremely popular site, so if we were to accomplish this, we get a whole lot of members and alot of publicity.

List your name here if you are apart of this and immediatly create an account on (please create the account right now)

Well they haven't been very successful with that, though one of their attempts was quite humorous to say the least. Freudian slip anyone?

If someone is going to point out the obvious fact this is not representitive of the majority of Playstation 3 owners (as one can hope) then all I can say is that I agree, though it isn't limited to the SPG.

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