Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Games Killed the PC

Any real hardcore PC gamer will tell you PC games are almost dead, with the number of dumbed down franchises that are multiplatform being released it no longer at all makes sense to own a PC, unless you are still into RTS gaming.

For me it all started with the release of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Now I'm not denying the game was really fun to play but damn well the game was not Ghost Recon, not the Ghost Recon I know, and I would too, I played the original Ghost Recon.

What happened to the intense moments of hiding in foliage wondering if you should move two steps foward or two steps back? What happened to commanding four or five squad mates to run across an open field as you covered them with a sniper? GRAW completely took all that away, it no longer was 'Ghost Recon' it was 'Rhino Recon', charge in, charge out. Gee, Ubisoft, so long as you're wrecking these great franchises (for us die-hard gamers) you could at least do it right - GRAW on the 360 was definitely more fun with the third person mode and cover system.

Other franchises have also fallen into the trap and games are also being less and less optimized for the PC, why are game specs for PC's increasing disproportionately to graphics in games? They are all console ports, thats why.

It's no secret developers are getting lazy, Ubisoft claimed it was too difficult to make 'Double Agent' run in PS 2.0 because of special features behind PS3.0 that wasn't backwareds compatible, the truth is in the Directx documentation under 'Shader Model 3',

Vertex shaders and pixel shaders are simplified considerably from earlier shader versions. If you are implementing shaders in hardware, you may not use vs_3_0 or ps_3_0 with any other shader versions, and you may not use either shader type with the fixed function pipeline. These changes make it possible to simplify drivers and the runtime. The only exception is that software-only vs_3_0 shaders may be used with any pixel shader version. In addition, if you are using a software-only vs_3_0 shader with a previous pixel shader version, the vertex shader can only use output semantics that are compatible with flexible vertex format (FVF) codes.

Yeah it's just what we all expected, Ubisoft got lazy.

With every new generation of consoles you get the people who say it's over for PC's because of the power of the consoles, this isn't the case, whats killing the PC now is poorly ported games based on bastardized and streamlined franchises purpose built to hit a market mainstream, a mainstream mostly centered around consoles.

For me the PC died, it died with Ghost Recon, that was the final straw, Half-Life 2 played life support for a while but that doesn't justify owning a PC, the only reason I keep it is because of the great RTS games that are released on it and the few remaining games that are truly complex.

In my mind two things killed the PC as a serious gaming system, piracy and lost franchises I owned a gaming PC for.

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