Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rod Fergusson Talks Gears of War, Insomniac

Eight player co-op and marked improvement in graphics with a Gears of War sequel endeavors as well as one hell of a mighty jab at Insomniac's co-op feature in Resistance: Fall of Man.
While not revealing much about a possible movie spin off he at least he did say they would be answering questions, not leaving the poor old fanboys in gasps desperately clinging together their own extensive theories to answer what will probably turn out to be simple problems.

It looks like were going to see Gears of War in 'books, comic books' which probably translates to graphic novel. It's interesting, apparently because the game was devoid of all information (early promotion material had more information about the storyline than the game itself) about the actual story Rod thinks as an IP Gears of Wars can expand heaps and heaps. He probably wants to do a Halo, like in the first a really awesome premise was set and in the sequel it was explained to a very satisfying degree.

On the graphics front Fergusson boasts that to Epic Gears of War is not a second generation title but a first generation title and that there is room to improve on the graphics for subsequent games. He made the claim after claiming that he's a producer and works with spreadsheets, way to kill the moment, mate.

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for, on co-op Rod says how Epic wanted it to be an integral part of Gears of War, instead of having 'Master Chief 1, Master Chief 2' etc, etc. He believes that is the next natural evolution in multiplayer gaming to give it a social edge and he did not with-hold from criticizing Insomniac's co-op. In a copy-catish kind of tone read the following quote right out of Rod's mouth, Mr. Insomniac (being Impersonated by Rod): 'oh and the icing on the cake for us is co-op'. They had the splitscreen co-op as sort of their add-on and it was 'you're lucky we kind of threw this on'.



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