Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What Microsoft Should Have Done

Only a few months ago it looked like it was all over for Sony, going from top dog to underdog in one press conference, one ‘Riiiiiidge Racerrrrr’ and one very large enemy crab.

Microsoft should have taken advantage of this and hit Sony in its weak point for massive damage, or strong points, just to really kick them hard while they were down. Granted it would have been difficult and would have pushed the consoles profitability back a few years it would have dealt Sony such a massive blow the whole company would take a down turn.

What Microsoft should have done after the E3 Press Conference and should have done before,

One SKU Sold From the Start: Forget premium and pro consoles, Microsoft should have just released the premium, made the removable hard drive part of all consoles sold, it might have resulted in slightly less sales initially but in the long run it would be a massive hit against Sony's free market HDD initiative with the Playstation 3.

More, Cheaper Hard Drives: Choice is king, and in response to Sony's open hard drive design the Xbox 360 should right now have a series of reasonably priced add on hard drives with 60 gigabytes, 120 gigabytes and 250 gigabytes on the market right now, why they don't is beyond me and all human reason.

Revamped Premium SKU: A month or two before the Playstaiton 3 launch Microsoft could have released a 'premium 2' Xbox 360 SKU with the 120 or 250 gigabyte hard drive and built in HD-DVD player. Despite fears that Blu-Ray may beat HD-DVD in the format wars if the Xbox 360 had one it would aid in this war considerably and possibly win it. Add to the 'premium 2' SKU wireless and Bluetooth support and you really have something else. On top of that phazing out the Core unit and price dropping the original premium to the price of the Core would, despite initial losses, completely wipe out Sony as a potential competitor, whats to compete with? Of course if the Core actually existed, given I'd rather it didn't.

Free Online Announcement: Come on, right now the Playstation 3 has free online play and like it or not it is quickly catching up to Live's usability. Instead of just pushing Live further down with newer more robust features and more solid online an 'Xbox Live is free from now on' would have on its own stolen Sony's thunder. No doubt the transition for many a paying Live 360 owner would be a rough one, some form of compensation of the owners choosing would probably be the best way to go.

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