Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Harry Potter Wii Details

Your wishes have been granted, open ended gameplay and the Wii-mote is, yep, Mr. Potter's wand, with mapped out motions to boot. Of course in keeping with tradition it is a Playstation 2 port with 16:9 and pro scan added as a nice little extra.
Probably the most interesting thing you can do with the wand which also happens to be taken right out of Elebits, you can move objects around in game, chairs, beds, whatever. Though I doubt horny twelve year old boys will be able to pull any skirts up, that will be saved for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions which are rumored to be supporting 'clothes physics' for just that purpose (EA declined to comment on said rumor).

Hogwarts is modeled in its entirety, players are free to roam wherever they want and take on quests in any order the game is permitting however EA is endeavouring on keeping close to the storyline, and yes, there will be a Quiditch minigame.

Dumbledore and Sirius Black are also set to be playable.

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