Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More 'New' GTA IV Details

Game Informer has spilled the beans on (some more) of the neat-o features behind GTA IV the coolest of which is the removal of airplanes and the addition of helicopters.

The reason for removing the airplanes is the fact the game will be centered around one city so the gameplay wouldn't suit an airplane though flying is still a 'very large part of the game'.

Drivable boats may also make an appearance (why the hell wouldn't they with that awesome looking water?) as well as girlfriends - no word on an 'unlockable' hot-coffee mini-game.

Graphically the game is already very impressive though Rockstar is still making improvements here, adding bucket loads of spit and polishing away as hard as possible.

Driving is also apparently going to be revamped a bit, probably for the better, Game Informer says it will be far more like 'Midnight Club' in that the camera will be further up close to the car and give more vision to the player of the surroundings.


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