Monday, April 2, 2007

Rare Should Compete with Insomniac, Not Nintendo

Nintendo has carved out an extremely solid market that is now impossible to penetrate, least of all by an ex-second party developer. There is no way Microsoft can steal part of that market from Nintendo with Rare's efforts, the dismal sales of the above average 'Viva PiƱata' is more than enough evidence that just like Sony's demographic there is no room for 'E for Everyone'.

Rather than full blown games, titles such as Singstar are the only way to go, that is how Sony is penetrating the generel market. Sony sure isn't throwing key developers at an almost non-existent demographic but rather experimenting with it and making progress (as can be seen).

Rare is a great developer, if allowed, it could make mature games such as 'Conkers Bad Fur Day'. Conker should be for Microsoft what Ratchet and Clank is for Sony, a really solid franchise, not game, franchise. Instead what were getting is high quality titles that aren't selling because there aren't enough people who want to play the game, would a twenty five year old want to sit down and watch 'Sleeping Beauty'? Of course not, does that make 'Sleeping Beauty' a bad movie? Not necessarily, it could be a good movie but not one a twenty five year old wants to watch.

So cut the crap Microsoft, bring Rare into competition with the big one, you know who the big one is, don't you?

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