Wednesday, July 4, 2007

26 Interesting Facts About Nintendo

1) Did you know that the word 'Nintendo' is composed of 3 Japanese Kanji characters 'nin'-'ten'-'do', and can mean "Heaven blesses hard work", but it can also mean the following: "Leave luck to heaven", "we do all that we can, as best we can, and await the results" or "Work hard but in the end it´s in the hands of the heaven".

Other suggestions are "Deep in the mind we have to do whatever we have to do" and some people believe that it stands for: "The house where you leave everything to the heaven/fortune".

2) Nintendo started back in 1890 with playing cards

3) In the US a burglar had broken into severel houses stealing various electronic equipment, he was finally nabbed one day when he was caught red handed - playing Street Fighter. He said he was getting a new top score, just couldn't stop. Talk about addictive!

4) During the production of Super Mario Bros. 3 there were plans to have a Cenatur Mario.

5) After the release of the SNES Nintendo also released a SNES arcade with the games Super Tennis, F-Zero and Super Mario World.

6) In Super Mario RPG Bowser and Mario joined forces for the first time.

7) Pocket Monsters has outsold Final Fantasy 7 two to one.

8) Star Fox was originally just a tech demo for the SuperFX chip, but went on to become a full blown game.

9) Metroid doesn't do well in Japan, it only lives on because of its popularity overseas. This is also probably why Nintendo outsourced the development of Metroid to a US based studio.

10) Despite plenty of proof and showing that R.O.B was a failed concept Minoru Arakawa (ex-NOA president) pressed forward with its release, and yes, it bombed. Since then R.O.B has made plenty of appearances, most recently on Mario Kart DS.

11) The SNES was the target of some criminals, for some time Nintendo only shipped the consoles late at night to avoid them being stolen. Too bad they weren't as careful with the Black Nintendo DS.

12) There has been an instance in which Burglars broke into an electronics store and only took the Nintendo 64's leaving the Playstation's on shelves.

13) "Who knows how Mario will look in the future. Maybe he'll wear metallic clothes!" -Shigeru Miyamoto (1991).

14) Super Mario 64 was originally planned to be a SNES game using an enhanced SuperFX chip. This fell through due to the technological limitations and the game was moved on to the Nintendo 64.

15) Mario used to be a carpenter called 'Jump Man', he featured in a game where he fought a Gorilla called 'Donkey Kong'. He is now known as Mario and is an Italian plumber.

16) Mario is named after Mario Segali a landlord in New York. What happened was that the NOA President of the time, Minoru Arakawa, saw 'Jump Man' he likened him to his landlord, Mario Segali.

17) Nintendo ex-president (and nutcase) Hiroshi Yamauchi has been compared to the Mother Brain from Metroid and his office has been likened to the 'realm of the Mother Brain'.

18) Zelda: Ocarina of Time outsold 'A Bug's Life'.

19) Cid has been featured in every Final Fantasy title on the SNES (at least) and has been likened to the Yoda of the Final Fantasy series by producer Hironobu Sakaguchi.

20) Final Fantasy on the Nintendo 64.

'nuff said really.

21) After losing a lawsuit to prevent the Game Genies distribution Nintendo got a little sore and started making their games to crash if they were using Game Genie. This is why there are severel versions of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3/4.

22) The street outside of the office of Nintendo's distributor in Sweden was renamed "Marios gata".

23) Fujiko Takimoto who did the voice acting for Link as child is a woman, that explains Link's extremely light voice.

24) Some 'concerned parents' were planning on suing Nintendo because their kids had sustained blisters from many a hour of Nintendo goodness.

25) Miyamoto says that the inspiration behind 'Legend of Zelda' was the childrens innate desire of exploration and the movie 'Legend', directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tom Cruise.

26) The Japanese version of Mario Kart 64 featured many signs advertising spinoffs of real world brands with Super Mario twists, the only one that made it to the US was 'Koopa Air' (i.e. 'Nike Air').

VIA Nintendo Land


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