Friday, July 13, 2007


Many call the Playstation 3 the successor of the Playstation 2, though in reality it is the successor of the PSX, a special version of the Playstation 2 with a DVD burner, hard drive and cross XMB-like menu. It was marketted by Sony Corporation rather than SCE as it was more of a media center than a games console.

The PSX had a custom Playstation 2 controller that plugged in via USB through the back of the unit, the console stood on legs to allow the wires to run under it and plug into the USB port.

Even today it is updated, the PSX had PSP connectivity long before the Playstation 3, Sony has no plans on stopping support for it as they are now working on Playstation 3/PSX connectivity.

There are 160 and 250 gigabyte versions of the console, it was never sold outside of Japan.

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