Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Killzone 2 - Target Render vs. Real Time

While the real time Killzone 2 trailer was certainly above all expectations it didn't quite manage to live up to the target in all cases, though in a few it did manage to surpass even the pre-rendered trailer.

The major differences between the two is perhaps caused by the lack of RAM in the Playstation 3. The trailer was made before the Playstation 3 spec's were announced, most people thought it would be at least 1024mb instead of 512mb. This will undoubtedly hurt the Playstation 3 for it's entire lifetime, it is clear the real time trailer could have used better textures, some textures are very blurry.

While the target-render was perhaps over all more impressive the pre-rendered is better in a few ways, the lighting is certainly brighter and provides far more impact, the environments look far more destructable and the animations if anything or on the same level as the target render.

The fire effects are definitely lesser in quality than in the pre-rendered trailer, though if the Playstation 3 has the shader power it could only be a minor technicality for the time being.

Over all if the Playstation just had a bit more than 512mb of ram the trailer might have looked way too much like the target render, to the point people would be convinced it was also pre-rendered.

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