Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Game That Really Mysteriously Did Not Show At E3

It was supposed to feature on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC AND Mac, the big next-gen engine iD has been working on after Doom 3, it could have been the game of show but no one seems to have missed it. Whats surprising is this missing game is actually a mystery, John Carmack said it would be at E3, E3 came and went, no news about it.

This isn't Final Fantasy where TGS is round the corner, this isn't Price of Persia where the developers are working on another title, this isn't GTA IV or Spore where it was announced beforehand it wouldn't show, this isn't Rainbow Six where the last game in the series was only just released, this isn't God of War 3 that is being kept under very tight wraps (to the point it is supposedly 'not in development'), this is iDs big next gen debut, the one John Carmack promised to show us at E3 running on all the high profile platforms, WHERE IS IT!?

Where the hell are you!?
Ah well, Quake Con it is, don't leave us out in the cold Mr. Carmack!

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Anonymous said...

Yes it did. You just didn't see any press about it because id was there to talk with investors and licencees.

The 1up show talked to N'Gai and he infact saw it.
It was running on PC, Mac, PS3, and 360.

EA even stopped by.

Ahmed said...

So they publically announce it will be shown at E3 but don't show it to anyone but a select few people?