Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mass Effect, The Halo Killer

With its latest showing at E3 it looks like Mass Effect has just left Halo 3 in the dust. Halo looks more and more like the guilty pleasure of sci-fi games wherein Mass Effect seems to be showing off far more, from a potential love interest to the ideas of ethnic cleansing. Mass Effect seems to be turning more and more into that brilliant game not enough people know about, if Halo 3 was the Star Wars Prequels then Mass Effect would be Serenity.

No question about it, the trailer has Hollywood pedegree and odds are the game will blow away all expectations. Perhaps this was a long time coming, a lot of what is shown in the trailer is standard movie fare, stuff that couldn't be translated over to games due to the extremely limited dialogue systems employed. Though Mass Effect seems to have changed all that, and even thrown in more. I think it is the first game in history to have a kiss/(sex?) scene in the name of character development/story progression rather than for porns sake or to simulate humans.

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