Saturday, July 14, 2007

Unreal Tournament 3 PC Mods Will Run on The Playstation 3

During Sony's E3 conference Mark Rein confirmed that Unreal Tournament 3 on the Playstation 3 will run Unreal Tournament 3 PC mods. This effectively providing the first ever case of true cross platform compatibility between PCs and consoles.

Mark Rein put it quite clearly that "You'll also be able to share mods between the PC and PS3 platforms". He has also said that the open source platform Sony is using makes this possible. This may make it very unlikely the Xbox 360 will have such cross compatibility.

This effectively increases the value of Unreal Tournament 3 on the Playstation 3 above that of the Xbox 360, custom generated content has always been what keeps old games afloat and giving this much power to the community will ensure the longetivity of UT3 on the Playstation 3.

Unfortunately there has been no word on corss platform multiplayer gameplay yet.


voteboob - vote for boobs said...

First! lol j/k...

Seriously, this is a cool move. My only problem with it is that it'll be on PS3. You know Bill won't open up XBL for fan modding, but really, who wants to buy a PS3?

But don't make fun of the clearance sale over at Sony - $100 off of the 60gig version for its shelf life - because they're going to be on the shelves for a while.

Anonymous said...

If it's anything like UT 2005, the mods all suck ass anyway, so it's actually a boon to NOT be able to use them.

Anonymous said...

Notice how on the other Digg "Developer Hates Ps3" all the sony fanboy were so quick to jump to the Ps3's defense?
On this Digg, where so many fanboys from the other Digg said that UT3 had developers who liked the Ps3, there really ISN'T a bunch of gamers who care about this game, hence the lack of fanboy appearance thus far

Anonymous said...

Well I think this is an excellent idea to satisfy PS3 owners. Now if only they would enable cross platform online play than I'll be more than happy to own everyone who uses a controller. >:)