Friday, July 20, 2007

The Valve Conspiracy

It has been proven without a doubt that Valve is involved in some global videogame conspiracy to not develop games for Linux, while there are many, many developers who don't ever make games for Linux it is apparent that Valve deserves to get the criticism for not porting its games to Linux.

So off went the rioters, running their pirated Vista computers demanding Linux support. 'We want teh linux0rz!' they screamed, anti-establishment all the way, the true revolutionaries of the software world. They wanted an end to the global oppression of Linux by the game developers of the world starting with Valve who as everyone knows is spearheading this plan to end Linux support for games.

Seriously, short of re-writing their engines for OpenGL and Linux and getting and hiring an extra ten people to help with the porting and new games Valve is always working on this isn't going to happen.

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