Friday, March 23, 2007

‘Apocalypto’ is no more Racist than ‘300’

Seems like Mel Gibson has been made public enemy number one, an Assistant Professor of Central American Studies at CSUN is claiming that Mel attacked her (which was true enough). Of course she leaves out the part of pushing Mel to his absolute limits, heckling him and trying to challenge him on the historical accuracies of a fictional movie.

When Iranians claim that ‘300’ portrays them in a negative light people get pissed off and yell out the old ‘it’s just a movie’, well yes, it is a movie, as is Apocalypto, yet it looks like some people just don’t get that.

In this video Alicia Estrada goes on and on about how the movie is inaccurate about how many Mayan scholars contest its factuality about how it offended the Mayan community, how it is wrong for it to portray the Mayan community in the way it did.

News flash, it’s a movie, Iranians aren’t ogre’s and ancient Mayans weren’t blood thirsty tyrants, the problem comes in when people start seeing fiction as fact and in that regard I completely agree with Alicia Estrada, that such movies may through fictional portrayals may influence hate against groups.

However, who will be stupid enough to buy into fiction and treat it as reality? Those who do are dumb enough already, they are the same people who want to hate for the sake of hate, who have a prejudice hard coded into their pea brains.

It isn’t nice having your culture portrayed as evil, believe me I know, but at the same time it isn’t nice heckling a short tempered film maker on the merits of something that’s fictional. Of course it doesn’t excuse said short tempered film maker from telling you to f off, but he sure had its reasons.

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