Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ripe For the Picking

Take Two delayed its annual board meeting by six days which happens to be the same date as the debut of the GTA4 trailer and same time(ish) of the second 'big' announcement from Microsoft, Take Two's excuse for delaying the annual board meeting according to a press release is,
...to review the proposed actions of the shareholder group and also to evaluate alternative courses of actions that could potentially be presented to the shareholders, including a possible sale of the Company.
Possible sale of the company? Well granted it is possible, probable even. The person, or company, that owns Take Two will also happen to own the company that publishes 'Grand Theft Auto'. It would also provide much needed life support for Take Two as a company which is in the very real threat of being broken up and sold off in smaller chunks.

The reason for the delay may in fact be two fold, one, to cover up the behind the door exclusivity deal of the game before the first official GTA4 trailer debuts and the second being to shock investors in a good way (for a change).

Obviously Sony and Microsoft would be most interested in buying up Take Two, then again, Nintendo really wants GTA on the Wii, imagine GTA4 being an exclusive Wii game! ... or not... The date shifting may be complete coincidence or to just serve as a pretty demonstration during the annual shareholders meeting.

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