Monday, March 26, 2007

Playstation 3 Selling For $200 Less Than Retail on Australian eBay (*gasps*)

Kind of expected actually, about a month after the Playstation 3 launch in North America and Japan I could have purchased a brand new console and have it shipped here for less than the Australian retail price and about as much as the US retail price.

If eBay is anything to by (and it is) the only Playstation 3 consoles that have any bids on them will be selling for less than retail price.

Not difficult considering the retail price is $1000 AUD ($850 US). Given the Playstation 3 is region free I may be able to import one from North America for less than buying it off of eBay downunder.

So why are Nintendo Wii's still selling for a good $200 over retail price? Sucks.

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