Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mexico Announces That it Will Swap Guns for Xbox's

Even Jack Thompson should see the irony, Mexico is planning on ridding streets from guns and drugs by offering to swap them with Xbox's and computers. No more shall 17 year old kids be outside gunning down police officers, they'll be in their houses doing it.

Of course theres a system in place to make sure all swaps are fair, machine guns and other high caliber weapons get computers and smaller arms get Xbox's in return for the exchanges, cash is also offered. Microsoft has graciously donated the software for the computers which cost about $700 US.

The claim is guns that are handed over is destroyed, I bet the metal will be re-used to recoup some of the losses on the PC's.

I wonder what Jack Thompson will say about this 'Kids stop killing cops, GTA: SA is 'mucho grandé''

Via zdnet

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