Saturday, March 17, 2007

Games for Windows ‘Live’ Trap

Who in their right mind would want to pay to play multiplayer games such as Counter-Strike on their PC? No one, that’s who. So how in the world does Microsoft expect people to pay for what has been a free service since its inception in the PC world over a decade before Microsoft even entered into the console gaming market?

The folks at Microsoft probably don’t expect that at all, any fool can work it out, who would want to? It makes no sense whatsoever, the idea of playing against people who hold a controller sounds cool but not $100 (AUD) a year cool. Putting aside the fact a few ‘n00bs’ would pay up because it would probably be easier to play an FPS or RTS game with a keyboard and mouse hence make it easier to win more no sane casual gamer will want it.

So the only people who will use the Live service are Xbox 360 owners who already have a subscription to live so they can play against their friends while using PC’s. It sure is neat for them but it hardly is any incentive for PC gamers to buy into the service.

I think what Microsoft wants to do with this is get PC gamers to buy Xbox 360’s, not many consumers will be persuaded this way but a few will, ‘why not?’ is the obvious question, the Live service is increasingly becoming a robust online experience and getting a subscription may becom ea necessity in the near future if one is to enjoy decent online play.

So long as you’re blowing $100 a year on it you might as well get the console with it. At least that is the mentality Microsoft hopes to create with this.

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