Friday, March 23, 2007

Tiger Woods Hits a Bogey With PAL Wii

Looks like EA is short changing Wii owners in PAL regions, Tiger Woods is almost unplayable on large HDTV's due to the lack of 480p. While in NTSC regions Tiger Woods supports 480p and 16:9 aspect ratio in PAL regions it is only 576i 16:9.

So what of it? Well you can barely read text on TV screens at 576i on a larger HDTV, if games don't support progressive scan it won't be a matter of 'won't make the most out of my HDTV and the Wii' it will be a matter of 'I can't play this game'.

Heres an email from EA's customer support when asked about 480p,
Tiger Woods does not support EDTV or HDTV resolutions. The EDTV logo has not been included on the Game Pack for this reason to indicate that there are no Hi-Def functions in this iteration of the title.

I hope this answers your question.
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Customer 03/23/2007 03:26 AM

Q: Is TW2007 for Wii (PAL-version) able to run in 480p on not?

For the record:

- My other games works perfect in 480p on my Wii, always.

- I only have problem with 480p on TW2007, so in my case it IS only with your title and NOT a problem with my Wii in general.

Thanks Petter.

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Anonymous said...

There is no technical reason to support 480p in the US version but not for the version sold in Europe. This means just again US-developers don't know what's going on outside their continent. Quite every HD-TV sold in Europe support all PAL, NTSC and HD scan rates no matter if it's 480, 576, 720, 1080 with 25p, 24p 30p, 50i or 60i.

US-developers read the documentations, learn the market situation.