Friday, March 23, 2007

Must Have Firefox Add-ons

Sometimes you have this thing, and you love it, it’s simple, gets things done. The problem is, you somehow cease trying to get more out of it, you think you’ve seen all there is to see about it or are under the delusion that you should be content with what you have.

Obviously you are mistaken, you shouldn't be content with what you have, you shouldn't be happy with a bare bones browser called Firefox, you should want more out of it, Mozilla wants you to have more out of it, thats why Mozilla lets people make add-ons for Firefox.

Here are a collection of cool add-ons you will learn to love,

Cooliris Preview: Lets you load pages simply by rolling the mouse over the Cooliris logo next to links, saves the hassle of continually clicking on 'back' when looking for something on Google for instance.

Download Embedded: Download embedded flash content from websites (does not work for videos such as Google Video or YouTube, sorry).

Fast Video Download: Hah! thought the open source community was going to let you down? Never! Fast Video Download lets you download embedded videos from sites such as YouTube and Google Video.

Gmail Space: Allows you to use your Gmail space as an online hard drive for file storage.

Update Scanner: For sites that don't provide RSS feeds Update Scanner notifies you of updates.

Page Title Eraser: Hides the webpages title for greater 'privacy' in the workspace.

Session Saver: Restores your browser exactly as you left it, your tabs will be saved (at long last), even a crash won't break it. You can create several sessions for different reasons you use Firefox (one for social bookmarking sites and the other for work).

TorrentBar: Allows you to instantly search through several major bittorrent sites.

iMacros for Firefox: This add-on is apparently useful for lots of things, especially for web developers however I just use it for its automatatic filling out of webform (such as forum signups) and for the password manager.

Yoono: Web 2.0 in a Firefox add-on, users suggest websites you should visit from the current webpage you are on, for instance, if someone if you are on a Yoono user may suggest

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