Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a Joke! - Woman Swallows Spoon During Intense Laughter

A woman in Sydney (Australia) swallowed a tea spoon during a laughing fit while eating spaghetti. Her laughing was so intense she didn't manage to gag before the spoon stunk all the way to her stomach.

Obviously doctors were thinking 'what the!?' looking at X-Rays of her stomach showing the little teaspoon. Most doctors who looked at it suggested surgery, but two doctors, to fine doctors knew better. Yes, they would, Dr. Bernard Bedholm and Dr. Alice Lee wanted to 'spare' the patient of intrusive surgery.

So they drugged her up, told her to open wide and say 'aaaaah' and tried in several ways to take the spoon out of her stomach. After 90 minutes of trial and error with various techniques (and 'great difficulty') they succeeded by using snares to lasso both ends of the spoon and pull it up laterally through the oesophagus.

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