Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oblivion PS3/Xbox 360 Side by Side Comparisons

Looks like the folks at Bethesda Game Studios done a good job enhancing 'Elders Scrolls: Oblivion' for the Playstation 3, the textures are crisper, both up close and off in the distance (thanks to a re-worked LOD system) the lighting on the weapons is far better and it seems like the pop-in distance has been upped a few notches.

These screenshots were taken from the HD video comparison hosted on GameTrailers.

There are some other small differences between images such as the slightly sharper resolution of the textures on the ground and the bigger difference is the way the LOD system gradually decreases detail over distance on the Playstation 3 version as opposed to the Xbox 360 which has a sudden drop in detail creating a distorted and ugly look.

Some of the screenshots come down to a matter of preference, the Xbox 360 has fuller colours but the Playstation 3 has a gray overtone making it look more realistic. On the whole it doesn't look like theres a significant difference between either versions.

The new Oblivion patch for the Xbox 360 has been released which is supposed to get the game up to the Playstation 3's level, the above screenshots were taken from a vanilla version of Oblivion. If you have Xbox Live and have installed the Oblivion patch you aren't missing out on much as the textures and slightly more advanced shader algorithms in the patch should also be bumped up sufficiently.


Tyler said...

Sorry but you should really get these photos in a lossless format such as png or bmp to really see the difference.

Ahmed said...

I agree Tyler however the difference was minute between png and jpg's given the video itself seemed to have some loss.

Anonymous said...

um... the 360 version looks better to me

Anonymous said...

The 360 version does look somewhat richer.

Anonymous said...

I already have this for PC, but it's nice to see the improvements Bethesda made to the PS3 version. The faster load times is a plus too.
Thanks for posting the pics.

Anonymous said...

Um, i don't really think your making fair comparisons in some of them. Really, like the last one, the pictures are taken at two different times during the day, makes it look much different. I dunno, just might be my .02$

Anonymous said...

why the hell do the pictures flip flop, have ps3 on one side and 360 on the other.

Anonymous said...

to me, some pf the ps3 pics look better some of the 360 ones look better

pic1 i have no idea what im lookin at both look crappy, but if i had to pick one it would be 360

pic2 ps3 version here notice the necklace/shirt design and stone wall in particular

pic3 could go either way, they both look distinctly different but both look good in their own ways

pic4 id say ps3 is better here but thats probably only because of the time/lighting differences

pic5 this one goes to the xbox, notice the trees in the background , they dont all blend together in a sea of green

pic6 tough call looks like the xbox has a bit too much brightness on those pillars no details show through

pic7 hard to tell between the time/lighting difference and them not actually bein side to side