Monday, March 26, 2007

Retro Gaming Ads: The Legend of Zelda

Retro games and retro TV commercials, 'your parents help you hook it up' is probably the single greatest marketing catchphrase in history, it was uttered in the original 'Legend of Zelda' TV spot.

There were other commercials, lest we forget,

'A Link to the Past' arguably had the most laughably cheesy TV commercial ever. Were not talking emo 'Tears of War' stuff here, were talking 'so bad, it's hilarious'. But hey, the techno theme music was a nice touch,

I don't know what happened, did Nintendo make a deal with the devil? 'The Ocarina of Time' TV ad was nothing short of amazing, at least when compared to its prequels,

'Willst thou soar?' ... 'or willst thou suck?'

We all know 'Majora's Mask' centered around the end of the Earth, something that Nintendo's marketing took a little bit too seriously. At first I thought it would have been better if the adverts were more tongue in cheek, now thinking about it they were pretty clever,

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