Tuesday, March 20, 2007

To Catch a Fanboy

We all love to hate fanboys, good thing too, many of us have had the (dis)pleasure of 'meeting' a real fanboy online, a fanboy who's completely cracked and will sooner have bull ants poured into his underwear than admit even a tiny failing in the company he worships.

To that end I present to you something, spoken from a true fanboy, one who shall remain nameless. Everything has been preserved, even the colour of the text except for the black font which are key extractions from his post that show just what kind of a fanboy he is.
The Playstaion 3 is my choice, hands down. While I agree that it is very expensive, it's marketed at the adults that have all gotten careers while playing the PS2 and can now afford it so it should not be a problem. I live in Europe and I have preordered it; they are the entire first shipment in the largest electronic store in my city has been preordered and sold out. Don't think Sony is gonna have much problem finding it's fan base.
I have been gaming since 1978 and see many consoles come and go. One thing that has always been true: the release games are NOTHING compared to what is to come in about a year. BTW, there are some amazing games already sitting around waiting to be played (by adults) right now for PS3; Fall of Man, Vitua Fighter 5 etc etc. We will be looking forward to other (adult) games such as Gran Turismo's next installment and Grand Theft Auto 4. Or maybe even Sonic the Hedgehog, Marvel Alliance, or the entire Mortal Kombat line. There will be hundreds of great games for PS3, just like there was for PS2 after a while for the devs to get a handle on the architecture. Blu Ray is your future; accept it. I seem to remember the Playstation 2 going on to become the best selling console of all time by a massive margine, despite initial problems with the first batch of dvd drives. The Wii has an innovative controler which you move around? Ever hear of the Sixaxis? Same bloody thing. Rumble? Who cares; I hated that cheap jumk. Seems like a way of saying, "The game isn't exicting enough to convince you with the gameplay or graphics or story alone so here is a cheap gimmick".
The PS3 has been under development for the last year or so, while the Xbox360 has been taking the quick road and selling medium games. There has never before been a console of such power and potential. Xbox is made by microsoft; they have enough money to float it if it starts to sink. Sony is selling enough Ts and stereos to support the PS3 into adulthood. Nintendo has....game consoles....hope they have superior games and graphics.....oooops. The cell processor will ensure that the games you will be getting for the life of the system will be nothing short of astonishing. This is not just an empty promise as some will say, it's simply fact based on trends over the last 30 years or so. Peace.

When accused of being a fanboy with the following post (made by yours truly),
Wow, that was quite a fanboyish comment, you need to take a step back and look at the way the industry works mate ;-)
He shot back,
I'm not particularly a fanboy; I have had every console that has been available for the last 30 years, Nintendos, segas, ataris, comodore vic 20 and 64, intellevision, coleco, and sony, not to mention many others. I liked them all for different reasons, and disliked others for other reasons. Besides I dont think most of the "Fanboys" you refer to are 35 years old...how old are you, by the way? I know alot more about the industry than you, without doubt. You like to throw around the word fanboy, but you are clearly one yourself, probably for the childish and passing Wii.
Notice how he starts accusing me of being a Wii fanboy, so I shall say now, I freely admit I'm stuck between liking the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, though I wouldn't mind the Playstation 3 in a few years time.

Heres my reply,
wow, so you ask for my age, claim being 35 automatically makes you some sort of god take a pot shot at me claiming I'm a ('childish') wii fanboy and say you know more about the industry than me.
You're just proving to me and everyone else further that you are a Sony fanboy ;-)
You also have no idea, you've made quite a few errors in your first comment.
Wow, re-reading your first comment, I don't know why you bother trying to claim you're not a fanboy, seriously, do you get paid for posting this crap all over the internet?
In his next post his text was in black, he couldn't be bothered changing the font colour anymore, to that end I shall italize key phrases from his post.
Why not just go play with yourself some more to net porn, till your mind becomes further warped, moron. Where are the errors in my first post? What's wrong with liking a particular kind of game console? Is that what you mean by Fan boy? You like the Wiii, guess you are a fanboy of nintendo's current product then aren't you? People like you with small mind make me sick; can't have it that someone as another opinion so you flame them because you take it as a personal attack. Go beat off "Ahmed", and try reading a book you useless pile of internet shit.
(yeah the whole thing is italized, sorry, couldn't make it work otherwise)

Yeah, I know, I've just been feeding the troll the whole time but damn well it was bloody funny seeing him chuck the skits like that.

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