Sunday, March 18, 2007

Consecutive Digg Down History?

Was Digg history recently made with eight (as of writing) consecutive Digg downs replying to the first comment on the Finalized Halo 3 Box Art Digg?

Is it a record? Or has something more spectacular happened before?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Zindiq! Hope you're well, Inshati'l-laat. I was recently speaking with a brother muslim of yours in Turkey, and I have a question for you. But this is not the correct post for it. Will you be doing any more posts on your faith?


Anonymous said...

Zindiq- also...if you are not aware there is a digg down "brigade" mind set running loose out there, so don't be surprised by this. ~Sharmuta

Ahmed said...

Sharmuta, you know my name so it shouldn't really kill you to call me 'Ahmed', then again, perhaps in your mindset I am less than human hence am not deserving of being called by my name. Anyway, that is your problem.

If you did care to read the article you would notice I am referring to comments, it is simply an interesting coincidence that eight comments were buried one after the other.

Yes, there is a digg down brigade loose on Digg, every one of the members on Digg will be digging stories up and down based on whether or not they like them. I understand you have been having a tough time getting your stories to the front page as of late.

You shouldn't be blaming this on some sort of organized Islamic militant group on Digg that is digging down your stories becuase honestly that is as ridiculous as it sounds, just that Digg experienced a lot of crappy repetitive content for about two weeks before the members self corrected and started burying the repetitive stories.

Anyway, I can go into this further but I have no interest in doing so, you should just drop it, you tried to use Digg to gain your own end and you lost, now you're just bitter about it all. End of story really.

I will probably not be doing any more posts about my faith as it seems to attract people like you who systematically destroy the comments area with immature insults and misguided attacks. Though the traffic it generated was really nice, just a pity it wasn't the kind of traffic I wanted.

If you have any questions about my faith you can email me, though if you are going to keep acting disrespectful towards me as a person don't expect a warm reception.

My email is